LEaking Plant Room

phillip st sydney, 2606

Date: October 2020

Project: Leaking Plant Room

Applicator: Optimo Waterproofing

Application: Soprema ALSAN® Trafik System


Remedial Work on a Leaking Plant Room

This high-rise plant room is on the ground floor and was leaking via overflow pipes into the carpark/basement below due to poor design. The solution involved emptying the water tank and suspending it from the ceiling to allow access for the remedial preparation of the plant room floor and application of the Soprema ALSAN® Trafik System.


Products used

  • Soprema ALSAN® EP100 H2O Primer
  • Soprema ALSAN® Trafik 520
  • Soprema ALSAN® Trafik 530 (Sand Seeded)