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Bio Retention Tank, Forestdale, QLD

Waterproofing Contractor: Mick Janezic Waterpro...

Waterproofing Contractor: Mick Janezic Waterproofing

Builder: Spaceframe

Product Used: Sikalastic® 1K

Filmed by: SEQ Aerial Inspections


From Floor Removal to Finish!




Makinex offer a range of flooring products that help you get your job done to the highest standard possible.

The Makinex flooring range provides products that assist flooring contractors  achieve improved efficiencies and quality in:

1. Flooring removal

2. Floor preparation

3. Floor filling and

4. Floor leveling and finishing.

There is a product available to support you at every stage of your flooring job, be it laying a floating floor, working with exposed aggregate or applying epoxy, you will create a great result.



With many flooring jobs there is often an element of removal before the job starts – no one wants to lay flooring onto a rough and uneven surface. Makinex's flooring range helps you find an easier way to do your job.

Stop struggling or bending when handling heavy jackhammers with the Jackhammer Trolley. The trolley carries the majority of the jackhammers weight with you positioned behind it. It's suitable for most 16kg Jackhammers and removes existing flooring or underlayment to begin preparation of the base.

The Vinyl Floor Stripper is an industrial machine designed to remove a variety of flooring materials. It's a great addition to the Jackhammer to remove cementitious screed or flexible adhesive.

These products have been known to reduce fatigue, increase speed of removal and preparation and minimise damage to substrate.



Once unwanted materials have been removed, it’s time to bring in your grinder and vac or scarifier, and these machines need power!  Makinex have a powerful range of Generators that supply dual single and three phase power. Our gennies are portable and compact so the power can go where you need it to. They allow you to simultaneously run 15amp or 20/32amp equipment.



We understand that you want to level the floor ready for the final application.

The Makinex Mixing Station is the ultimate mixing solution for self-levelling cements, compounds and epoxies, producing a perfect mix every time. The Makinex Mixing Station is extremely manoeuvrable and enables efficient hands-free mixing and fast precision pouring of materials. It also features a dust/splash reduction cover for safer use and less mess.

It can mix up to 100kg (220lbs) batches in 3 minutes!

For exposed agg type finish The Hose 2 Go, a 14ltr constant pressure portable water supply unit that doesn’t require a battery or power, is great for spraying a mist when applying liquid densifiers for crack, airhole or displaced aggregate repairs. It can also be used for wash down and clean up.



After grinding you may need to determine what sort of polish you want to finish with and as you know, concrete grinding creates dust. The Makinex Dual Pressure Washer is a rotary cleaner and wand pressure washer in the one machine which enables you to clean the floor surface, so you can determine what type of finish ready to polish.

Once you have taken the necessary steps to create an optimal floor surface, it’s ready to dress with your customers material of choice knowing you have done everything to achieve amazing results!




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259 Wickham Terrace, Brisbane QLD 4000



Date: August 2013

Project: Brisbane Private Hospital

Address: 259 Wickham Terrace, Brisbane QLD 4000

Contractor: Ben Calcutt Waterproofing

Application: Roofing Membrane



Exposed Roof Area

Primer: Soprema Elastocol 500, solvent based bituminous primer.

Membrane Base Sheet: Soprema Soprasun 3.0S, APP modified bitumen sheet membrane.

Membrane Cap Sheet: Soprema Soprasun 4.0AR, APP modified bitumen sheet membrane with mineral chip finish.

Membrane Termination: Aluminium Pressure Seal, extruded termination bar.

Termination Sealant: Soprema Sopramastic, solvent based bitumen mastic.

Flashing: Soprema Alsan Flashing, a single component polyurethane/bitumen liquid flashing to be used in conjunction with a reinforcing fabric.



174-182 Stringybark Rd, Buderim, QLD



Date: March 2017

Project: Stringybark Place – Stages 1, 2, 3, 4

Address: 174-182 Stringybark Rd, Buderim, QLD

Builder: RCQ Constructions

Contractor: ADA Waterproofing

Application: Waterproofing



Internal Wet Areas

Membrane: WPA 500, one-part fibre reinforced waterborne membrane.



Membrane: WPA 230UV, one-part fibre reinforced water based polyurethane membrane.


Window & Door Reveals

Membrane: WPA 230UV, one-part fibre reinforced water based polyurethane membrane.


Amenities Areas

Membrane: WPA 500, one-part fibre reinforced waterborne membrane.


Swimming Pool

Membrane: Mapei Mapelastic Smart, two-part flexible cementitious membrane.