Sika is a global company active in the fields of specialty chemicals with a core focus on Sealing, Bonding, Damping, Reinforcing and Protecting. With a focus on supplying and manufacturing for the building and construction industries, Sika Australia is technically driven and project-motivated. Sika provides quality chemical products and specifications for contractors, architects and engineers.

As a specialty chemical supplier and manufacturer for the building and construction industry, Sika Australia prides itself on being technically driven and project-motivated. The business is typically balanced between contractors, architects, engineers and other specifiers and distribution marketing through retail hardware.

Sika Australia has cultivated a stand-out team of more than a hundred staff nationally including onsite product engineers, well-trained customer service, other technical services team, as well as a well-equipped and knowledgeable sales force. The company has access to a thousand products available throughout Australia in all major capital cities.

In a marketplace that faces challenges such as higher costs for raw materials and energy, faster growth in emerging economies and growing global and local competition, it is vital to be able to innovate. Sika is committed to putting high-performance solutions into practice – to the benefit of our customers and for sustainable development.