Advanced Construction Technologies

Alchatek is an international leader in the manufacture and supply of chemical grouts and construction products for Geotechnical, Leak Seal, and Seawall Repair applications. Providing solutions from its headquarters in Tucker, Georgia, and its manufacturing facility in Reno, Nevada, Alchatek specializes in advanced construction technologies for sealing leaks, stabilizing soils, lifting concrete, and protecting infrastructure and seawall structures. To best serve its customers, Alchatek is organized into three divisions:

The Leak Seal Division combines a full-system offering of polymer chemical grouts and equipment with perhaps the most experienced technical team in the industry. It specializes in preventing water ingress through concrete infrastructure including parking garages, culverts, basements and foundations, and sewer manholes.

The Geotechnical Division offers a complete line of single-component products for soil stabilization as well as two-component polyurethane foams for concrete lifting, void filling, and stabilization of infrastructure. This includes lifting sunken structures such as warehouse floors, back into place.

Seawall Repair Network® is the only national network of certified contractors in the repair, preservation, and protection of waterfront barriers. Its proprietary methods and materials are environmentally friendly and safe for use in all marine environments and provide a non-destructive solution for seawall repair at 80% less than the cost of replacement.