Waterproofing Products Australia

WPA waterproofing products are a complete range of liquid & sheet applied waterproofing membranes and accessories.

WPA waterproofing products is a complete range of Australian-made, liquid and sheet-applied waterproofing membranes and accessories developed by a team with over 230 years of hands-on
waterproofing experience and who are passionate about raising the standard of waterproofing in Australia.

The WPA range is designed for the entire building, from waterproofing in-ground retaining walls, to waterproofing showers, bathrooms, decks, balconies, and rooftops. WPA waterproofing membranes are designed for waterproofing applicators and have been specifically developed for Australian conditions and standards. All membranes have either current Branz or CSIRO test reports available as well as CodeMark Certification ensuring all Bayset waterproofing membranes are fit for purpose and meet or exceed Australian Standards.

Learn More: www.wpa-aus.com.au