RLA Polymers

Leading the way in Australian manufactured adhesives.

RLA Polymers is an innovative and advanced manufacturer of premium adhesives, sealants, industrial compounds, coatings, carpet underlay and ancillary products.  Our products are used in a wide variety of domestic, commercial and industrial applications. RLA also provide tailor-made solutions to get your project completed efficiently and on time.

RLA Polymers aims to satisfy our customers by manufacturing products that meet or exceed our customer requirements for quality, design, technology, performance, price and delivery.

To assist this, our quality management system is certified to ISO9001:2015, ensuring regular review for suitability and effectiveness, applicable requirements, including relevant standards and regulations, are satisfied and continual improvement. Quality objectives and targets are established with the aim of continual improvement of our systems, processes and services. These are promoted throughout the company.

Our commitment to quality is enshrined within all our management objectives and articulated to our organisation through policies and procedures.

These policies and procedures are administered  Australia-wide, with manufacturing plants in Melbourne, Sydney, Queensland and Western Australia.

With heavy investment in research and development, RLA provides the Australian marketplace with leading technology, not limited to, but including:

Cementitious / Water Based / Polyurethane / Solvent / Hot melt / MS / Hybrid / Epoxy / Organic and Inorganic technologies.