SealBoss Concrete Solutions

Industry Leading Infrastructure & Concrete Repair, Crack Injection, Leak Sealing, and Waterproofing Technologies
Since 1988

SEALBOSS-ISO-9001SealBoss ® specialty construction products and equipment for structural, water stop, floor repair, slab lifting and geotechnical applications — commercial and residential.  We provide you with a competitive advantage, in-depth product support and on-the-job training.

The SealBoss ® Team and our affiliates continue our commitment to product innovation, quality, sustainability and professional product and on-the-job training.

SealBoss develops, produces and markets, full system solutions encompassing leak sealing and water-stop chemical grout injection systems, leak-seal systems and water-stop foam, including mechanical packers and pumps, and cold joint seal systems.  Our waterproofing materials include polyurethane chemical injection grouts such as hydrophobic and hydrophilic polyurethanes and polyacrylates, injection pumps, injection packers and specialty waterproof and protective coating systems. We supply structural repair epoxy injection systems, high-strength epoxy resins and epoxy gels. SealBoss provides fast-cure polyurea joint filler, floor and road repair systems and epoxy joint fillers. For slab lifting, poly jacking, soil compaction and related geotechnical applications we offer structural polyurethane foam systems, resins and polyacrylate chemical grouts.

SealBoss ® Corp. specialty construction products, systems and equipment are designed for countless infrastructure and geotechnical applications as found in commercial, residential, and natural structures.

SealBoss is dedicated to supporting clients with technical expertise and practical experience as reflected in our 36-year company history.