Raimondi S.p.A. dates back to the early 1900s when the Raimondi family entered the tile industry through their founder Mirco Raimondi, a master tile setter.

Mirco was an apprentice to his father until the 1960s when he started producing machines designed to improve job quality and productivity while simultaneously reducing operator fatigue. Soon after, he was joined by his son and current chairman Ivan Raimondi, as well as his nephew Giorgio Sighinolfi (design manager).

Currently, Raimondi S.p.A. is a fast-paced leader in the production of tile/stone machines and tools worldwide, exporting a large share of its production. Through the years Raimondi S.p.A. has always adhered to three basic principles: Quality; Innovation; Effectiveness.

Raimondi S.p.A. has always focused its product research on the end user: the tile-setter. Every single item, from the simplest tool to the most complicated machine, is developed according to the needs of the professional, aiming at three targets: to improve the quality of the finished work, to increase productivity, and to reduce operator fatigue.