Alpine MDF

Alpine MDF Industries Pty Ltd is a manufacturer and supplier of the highest quality Pine MDF. The plant is located in the Northeast of Victoria in Wangaratta.

 The Alpine MDF brand is well recognised for product consistency and quality, sustainable timber resource management, low environmental impact practices and market lead research into product development.

Sustainable Wood Only

​Alpine MDF Industries Pty Ltd prides itself on leading in environmentally friendly manufacturing practices that make our company sustainable. We have management systems in place to ensure we reduce our carbon footprint and deliver environmentally preferable solutions.

All our MDF is produced from managed plantation Radiata Pine forests that reach maturity in about 30 years. These forests are located close to our plant in the alpine region of northeast Victoria. Alpine MDF is viewed favourably as a substitute for tropical hardwoods which take close to 200 years to reach maturity.

70% of Alpine MDF manufacturing energy requirements on site are for producing heat. We generate almost all our heat requirements by burning wood residues. This is a form of biofuel and is considered greenhouse gas neutral under the Kyoto Protocol. Since growing trees absorb CO2, Alpine MDF is part of a ‘virtuous cycle’. In addition, carbon is stored in the wood products we produce while they are used in buildings or furniture. By processing wood into profitable end products, we are encouraging more people to grow more trees.