Waldheim street residential

Annerly QLD, 4103

Date: January 2019

Project: Waterproofing a Multistory Residential Building

Applicator: R & K Complete Coatings

Application: Waterproofing


Waterproofing a Multi-storey Residential Area

The Waldheim St Residential project in Annerley, Queensland, involved an extensive waterproofing endeavour within a multistory residential building.
This comprehensive scope covered the waterproofing of various critical areas, including the basement, planter boxes, windows, wet areas, and balconies. The project was entrusted to R & K Complete Coatings, a reputable applicator in the field of waterproofing.


Products used

  • WPA 460
  • WPA 990 PU
  • WPA Elastoband
  • WPA 230UV
  • WPA 500
  • WPA 360