Sarina Sugar Shed

Field of dreams Railway Square
Sarina QLD, 4737

Date: August 2017

Project: Floor Refurbishment

Applicator: Smart Seal Waterproofing

Application: Flooring


Replacing Deteriorated Epoxy From an Old Installment

The Sarina Sugar Shed is a local tourist attraction that operates as a miniature working sugar mill and distillery.

The existing flooring had been exposed to aggressive chemical corrosion (due to the aggressive properties of sugar acids) and had begun to deteriorate and break down.

Bayset proposed a Hychem Epoxy Flooring System that provided a moisture-tolerant, durable and chemical-resistant solution. Smart Seal Waterproofing and Epoxy Coatings provided a professional and timely application to avoid disruption to the Sugar Shed’s daily operations.


Products used

  • Hychem E100 Epoxy Primer
  • Hychem GP Epoxy Binder
  • Hychem SF12FG