Sawtell rugbY league club

rex hardaker ln
toormina nsw, 2452

Date: June 2018

Project: Refurbishment

Applicator: Creteseal

Application: Trafficable Membranes


Refurbishment of a Rugby Club

SOPREMA Trafik 515 2-Part Primer was rolled out after preparation and cleaning had taken place on the rooftop.

SOPREMA Trafik 520 was squeegeed out and back rolled after the Soprema 515 Primer had dried.

SOPREMA Trafik 530 was rolled out and had sand broadcast into the wet coating to add slip resistance to the system before having a 2nd coat put over the top to encapsulate the sand.

SOPREMA Trafik 540 was applied once the 2nd coat of SOPREMA Trafik had become dry to protect the system from UV Degradation.

Result: Non-slip, UV stable area suitable for maintenance traffic.


Products used

  • SOPREMA Trafik System
  • SOPREMA Trafik 515
  • SOPREMA Trafik 520
  • SOPREMA Trafik 530
  • SOPREMA Trafik 540