BOTANICcA corporate park

547 swan street
Burnley Vic, 3121

Date: December 2016

Project: Restoration

Applicator: Australian Waterproofing Company Pty Ltd

Application: Waterproofing

Botanicca Corporate Park

Fixing the Leaks in a Corporate Park

Botanicca Corporate Park had leaks in the roof joints that affected the various company suites below
and at the balcony level. fixing the leaking roofs was paramount to the success of the building as it was only built in 2006, it now has a 20-year warranty.

  1. Removal of existing waterproofing products
  2. Preparing upstand and floor-to-wall joints for termination
  3. Organize placement of breather vents
  4. Prime sub straight
  5. Apply torch on two layers
  6. Detail various areas with Alsan flashing and termination bar
Botanicca Corporate Park

Products used

  • SOPREMA Soprasun 3.0S
  • SOPREMA Sopradhere Primer S
  • OPREMA Alsan flashing
  • SOPREMA roof Vents