FL701 Floorcoverings – Vinyl Sheet


  1. Substrates must be firm, clean, dry, and sound. Substrates and subfloors must be free of grease, oil, wax, curing compounds, high levels of moisture (hydrostatic pressure), loose material, paint and any other contaminants. New concrete must be cured for a minimum of 28 days.
  2. Thoroughly vacuum loose material and dust.
  3. If mechanical preparation is required, prepare the floor using the recommended methods as advised by the substrate manufacturer.
  4. For concrete floors, moisture content and relative humidity tests should be conducted prior to installation.


  1. Vinyl installation shall be in accordance with AS 1884 Floor Coverings – Resilient Sheet and Tiles – Installation Practices.
  2. Apply Uzin PE 460 as a moisture barrier, if relative humidity tests show moisture above 80%, or hydrostatic pressure and rising dampness are present.

    Uzin PE 460 is an epoxy damp proof membrane with low odour, mainly used as a moisture barrier up to 98% R.H. on cementitious screeds or concrete. For interior and exterior use.

  3. Apply Uzin PE 280 on all non-porous substrates, including where Uzin PE 460 has been used.

    Uzin PE 280 is a super-fast, film-forming primer, for use on dense and smooth internal substrates.

  4. Apply Uzin PE 520 on all porous substrates.

    Uzin PE 520 is a wet primer for cement levelling compounds to bind dust, reduce surface absorbency and increase bond strength.

  5. Where required on uneven surfaces from 1 – 20mm, install Uzin NC 160 or Uzin NC 170 on primed areas.

    Uzin NC 160 is a self-soothing compound for all types of floor coverings as well as wood flooring for thicknesses from 0 to 20 mm.

    Uzin NC 170 is an extremely smooth and quick-setting cementitious smoothing compound with excellent flow properties.

  6. Apply a skim coat of Uzin NC 888 to all primed surfaces from featheredge to 4mm.

    Uzin NC 888 is an ideal material for repairing minor imperfections, holes, trowel marks, skim coating and ramping. It can be applied by trowel from a true feather edge up to 4 mm depth in a single application.

  7. If coving is required, install a preformed cove fillet using Uzin WK 222.

    Uzin WK 222 is a strong and solvent-free contact adhesive with a short open time allowing immediate loads.

  8. Once the levelling compound has cured, apply a layer of Uzin KE 2000S or Uzin KE 68 with a notched trowel. Ensure to apply only the amount of adhesive that can be covered within the open time.

    Uzin KE 2000S is a strong dispersion adhesive with a short waiting time and long working time. It can be used as a wet-set adhesive. For use on internal floors and walls.

    Uzin KE 68 is a 1-component hybrid adhesive, with very low emissions and is suitable for demanding areas, such as high mechanical loads and high-temperature areas.

  9. Install the vinyl sheet into a wet film of adhesive and dry roll on top of the vinyl sheet in a cross-hatch motion to ensure the adhesive transfers onto the backing of the sheet vinyl.
  10.  Ensure all laps are heat welded together and weld rods are levelled with the vinyl sheet.