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Waterproofing Membranes / Waterproofing Systems
Bayset stock a wide range of waterproofing membranes and systems for all situations. Our extensive range of waterproofing products include liquid and sheet membranes from leading national and international manufacturers. This ensures we have complete waterproofing systems for the entire building envelope, including basement waterproofing. Bayset supply the CETCO range of bentonite products to the QLD, NSW and VIC market and are the exclusive Queensland/NSW & Victorian distributors for Soprema sheet & traffic membrane systems. In addition, Bayset are the Australian distributors for Newton Waterproofing Systems and carry a wide range of waterproofing products from WPA, Mapei, SIKA & Bostik.
Acoustic Underlay
Bayset are distributors of the A1 Rubber Acoustamat range of acoustic underlays and the systems to ensure correct installation. AcoustaMat acoustic underlay products have been individually tested at the CSIRO Laboratory, in accordance with the requirements of ISO 140-8 Part 8: “Measurement for the reduction in transmitted impact noise by floor coverings on a standard floor” and, as a result, are deemed to satisfy the performance requirements of the NCC. AcoustaMat also complies with ISO 140-6 Part 6 “Measurement of sound insulation in buildings and building elements: Laboratory measurement of sound insulation of floors”.
PU and Epoxy Crack Injection Systems
Bayset’s range of injection systems are headed up by the SealBoss and LeakSeal range from the USA, which provides specialist remedial waterproofing solutions for infrastructure projects as well as commercial and residential construction. This range includes hydrophilic and hydrophobic polyurethane water activated foams. The SealBoss quick fix range of Polyurea is ideal for installing new or repairing existing joints in cool rooms, wastewater tanks, heavy traffic warehouses and workshops. The system enables fast turnaround times with areas being back in service in less than 60 minutes. In addition, Bayset carry a complete range of epoxy crack injection systems for structural repairs and anchoring from leading suppliers such as Hychem and RLA.
Sinking slabs and Soil issues can cause both safety and property value problems. Bayset has partnered with US leaders Alchemy-Spetec to offer solutions for unlevel concrete and unstable soil.
Concrete Levelling: A structure is only as good as the foundation it’s built on. And regardless of how well-constructed a structure may be, most foundations settle. Erosion, shifting soil, compaction, and many other environmental conditions tend to cause settling. Deep Lift™ Structure Levelling: Poor compaction, water erosion, broken pipes, and organic material in the soil can all lead to settling of a foundation or a roadway. Traditional slab lifting can bring concrete and structures back into place but it doesn’t necessarily address the underlying issue or guarantee a long term fix.
Soil Stabilization: Unstable soil can be defined as soil that will not stay in place on its own, and therefore requires extra support. It should be noted that unstable soil can threaten the stability, security and safety of infrastructure and can damage, degrade, and even destroy a number of structures, such as buildings, bridges, and roads. Alchemy-Spetec offers a unique combination of high-strength polyurethane structural lifting foams along with the equipment and training needed to address all of the above Geotechnical problems.
Concrete Repair & Construction Grouts
Bayset stock leading brands of specialist concrete repair mortars and construction grouts including Mapei, Sika, Aftek and Bostik. Bayset offer solutions utilising the most advanced technology and designs to resolve challenging situations, such as corrosion inhibiting, structural repairs and protection of concrete structures. Bayset’s range of construction grouts covers the vast majority of on-site situations, from general purpose grouting to underwater applications and includes high flow, pumpable products as well as high early strength mortars.
Floor Preparation
Bayset stock a complete range of floor levelling and repair products, including primers, moisture and vapour barriers, underlayments and finishing compounds from leading manufacturers such as Uzin (QLD & NSW), Sika, Aftek and Bostik. Whether you are installing carpet, timber, vinyl, LVT or ceramic tiles, Bayset can provide the appropriate preparation solutions for all your flooring requirements.
Flooring Adhesives & Accessories
Bayset distributes a range of leading brands of resilient flooring adhesives from local manufacturers Holdfast and internationally acclaimed flooring products manufacturer Uzin providing full system specifications and leading edge technical products. Bayset are also stockists of Crain & Wolff Tools as well as Tools & Accessories from many other industry manufactures.
Tile Adhesives & Grouts
Recent trends in tiling have seen tiles become larger, thinner, smaller, thicker, just so many variations now available in the Australian market. Natural stone consumption has increased due to better availability and more competitive pricing. These types of tiles present the installer with a fresh round of challenges to be faced to ensure a trouble-free long-term installation. Bayset have partnered with TPA, RLA, Bostik, Mapei and Laticrete to provide the market with an ever evolving range of adhesives and grouts that ensure any application can be carried out with ease and efficiency. Hydrophobic, mould resistant grouts and light weight water wash up epoxy grouts ensure the tile installation remains in peak condition for the life of the installation.
Specialty Coatings / Epoxy Coatings
Bayset’s partnership with Hychem International has built a firm position in the Australian resin flooring market on a foundation of knowledge and commitment in formulating a superior range of systems used to protect and improve the appearance of concrete structures. This partnership allows Bayset to provide concrete protection solutions for sectors such as the flooring, waterproofing, engineering, water and mining markets. Hychem’s extensive grouting portfolio has evolved over time to provide a comprehensive range of products to protect a wide cross section of concrete structures throughout Australia.
Silicones & PU Sealants
Bayset stock an extensive range of Polyurethane, Silicones, MS and Spur sealants and adhesives covering a wide range of applications and colours from leading brands such as WPA, Admil, Bostik, Sika and Mapei.
Tools & Accessories
Bayset stock a very wide range of tools and accessories to suit all our market segments and includes leading brands such as Raimondi, Sigma, Leister, Sola, Diarex, Plastec, Bounty Brasswear and Lauxes. We also stock an extensive range of Tile & Flooring trims from BAT and DTA.