What We Do


Waterproofing Membranes / Waterproofing Systems

Bayset provides a complete range of waterproofing membranes and systems for all situations. Our complete range of waterproofing systems includes liquid and sheet membranes from various national and international manufacturers. Our range of products and suppliers ensures we have complete waterproofing systems for the entire building envelope, including basement waterproofing. Bayset’s technical expertise coupled with our exclusive partnering agreements with the most technically advanced manufactures of waterproofing systems in the world ensures our clients requirements are not only met but exceeded. All systems carry a full manufacturer’s warranty for a period of up to 25 years. Bayset are the exclusive Queensland distributors for the Cetco Volclay range of bentonite matting, Soprema sheet membrane systems and are the Australia distributors for Newton Waterproofing Systems. Bayset also carry a range of waterproofing products from Mapei, WPA and SIKA.


Acoustic Underlay

Bayset is the sole distributor of A1 Rubber's Acoustamat range of underlays deemed to satisfy the requirements of the Building Code of Australia. AcoustaMat acoustic underlay products have been individually tested at the CSIRO Laboratory in Melbourne, in accordance with the requirements of ISO 140-8 Part 8: "Measurement for the reduction in transmitted impact noise by floor coverings on a standard floor”. AcoustaMat also complies with ISO 140-6 Part 6 "Measurement of sound insulation in buildings and building elements: Laboratory measurement of sound insulation of floors". All products were tested at CSIRO, which employed a 150mm concrete slab only at the time of testing.


PU and Epoxy Crack Injection Systems

Bayset's range of injection systems are headed up by the SealBoss range from the USA, which covers all aspects of crack repair, joint reinstatement and ground stabilisation. This range includes hydrophilic and hydrophobic polyurethane water activated foams which are used to repair active water leaks and failed waterstops. The SealBoss quick fix range of polyurea is ideal for installing new or repairing existing joints in cool rooms, wastewater tanks, heavy traffic warehouses and workshops. The system enables fast turnaround times with areas being back in service in less than 60 minutes. Bayset carries a complete range of epoxy crack injection systems for structural repairs and anchoring from leading suppliers such as National Maintenance Products and Sika.


Concrete Repair

Bayset stocks products which cover all aspects of concrete repair, including a full range of:

  • corrosion inhibiting re-alkalising primers
  • structural repair mortars
  • pre bagged renders
  • fairing coats


Tile Adhesives & Grouts

Recent trends in tiling have found tiles becoming larger, thicker, denser, and in some cases more moisture sensitive. Natural stone consumption has increased due to better availability and more competitive pricing. These types of tiles present the installer with a fresh round of challenges to be faced to ensure a trouble free long term installation.

Bayset has partnered with CTA, Bostik ASA and Mapei to provide the Australian market with an ever evolving range of adhesives and grouts that ensure any application can be carried out with ease and efficiency. Hydrophobic, mould resistant grouts and light weight water wash up epoxy grouts ensure the tile installation remains in peak condition for duration of the installation.


Construction Grouts

A full range of construction grouts ensure all situations are can be effortlessly dealt with. Our range includes:

  • general purpose
  • high early strength
  • high flow
  • anti washout underwater


Repair Mortars

All floor repair needs are covered both internally and externally with an extensive range of levelling compounds for flood coating, ramping and skim coating.


Specialty Coatings / Epoxy Coatings

Coating failure in aggressive environments can lead to rapid and vast deterioration of concrete and huge costs in rebuilding and repair. Bayset’s partnership with National Maintenance Products enables us to offer some of the most resilient and environmentally friendly coatings available in Australia. All NMP coatings are solvent-less, odourless and free from other hazards typically contained in competitor products. The use of only pure resins maximises the chemical resistance and adhesion properties and have excellent all round resistance to the most common industrial chemicals.

When it comes to application of products underwater, very few manufacturers can offer dependable coatings with true underwater capability. National Maintenance Products’ Scubapox range of underwater epoxy coatings, adhesives and sealants were designed specifically for divers in underwater applications.

The National Maintenance Products range of protective coatings is suitable for use in the most demanding situations:

  • treatment plants
  • power stations
  • coal mines
  • sugar mills
  • desalination plants
  • bio diesel facilities
  • liquefied gas pipelines
  • sea walls
  • The Defence Department


Silicones & PU Sealants

We carry a full range of polyurethane and silicone sealants with a vast range of colours for internal and external applications including swimming pools, waste water, roof and gutter, fire rated, mould resistant, and high traffic areas from brands such as Mapei, Bostik, Dow Corning, Sika and HB Fuller.

We also stock a wide range of jointing knives, tapes, spray bottles, silicone guns, air, battery and manual sausage and guns from international suppliers such as Svenic and Milwaukee Tools.


Tools & Accessories

Everything from paint brushes, roller frames and protection board to hand tools, mixers and floor grinders, grout injection and mixing machinery. We also carry the Milwaukee range of high end battery power tools and PLS laser alignment tools, plus a full range of tiling tools and trims.