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Waterstop Doorline

Waterstop Doorline Enhances Entry Appearance

To improve the appearance of the entry to the wet area, Waterstop Streamline has released Waterstop Doorline, a door sill extrusion like no other. In applications where the floor is bedded or screeded, the Waterstop Doorline allows a consistent, cohesive look to be maintained throughout the bathroom. The result really is spectacular.

Bull nose design to create a modern, stylish appearance. Safe radius to step over. Aesthetically matches Waterstop Streamline showers. The serrated surface of the internal vertical leg allows waterproofing membranes to securely adhere to the extrusion, providing enhanced waterproofing. 20mm horizontal leg with a serrated base provides an appropriate surface area to securely glue the extrusion to the substrate.

The external face of the vertical leg is covered with protective tape which enables the extrusion to remain clean and undamaged during construction.

Colour: Bright Silver

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