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Bostik Fireban Acrylic Fire Rated Sealant

Fire-Rated Acrylic Sealant 

Bostik Firecaulk stands as a reliable solution for various applications, offering a single-component, non-sag, fire-rated acrylic-based gunnable sealant. Designed for construction joints and the sealing of service penetrations in plasterboard, concrete floors, and masonry wall constructions, it serves as a go-to product for professionals in need of durability and performance.

Specifically engineered for low-movement interior joints (up to +/- 25%) in masonry and plasterboard, Bostik Firecaulk provides a formidable fire barrier for periods lasting up to 4 hours. With its gun-grade acrylic-based sealing compound, it ensures optimal performance and peace of mind in fire protection applications.

Size: 600mL Sausage

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    • Fire-rated for gaps up to 40mm
    • Tailored for Australian environments
    • Flexible, accommodating joint movement of +/- 25%
    • Single-part formula, no mixing necessary
    • Effortless application with a smooth finish
    • Provides smooth gunnability and easy tool-off finish
    • Minimal odour, non-toxic, and asbestos-free
    • Typically does not require priming
    • Easy cleanup with water
    • Effectively blocks the passage of hot gases
    • Paintable after 24 hours at 20°C
    • Water-resistant once cured
    • Exhibits excellent adhesion to various surfaces including metal, wood, plasterboard, masonry, AAC, and Hebel
    • Offers acoustic capabilities with a 67 STC rating in plasterboard construction
Data Sheet
710-240 Bostik Fireban Acrylic Fire Rated Sealant TDS
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Saftey Data Sheet
710-240 Bostik Fireban Acrylic Fire Rated Sealant SDS
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