SOPREMA Australia launched the Asia Pacific Contractor Training & Accreditation Program

By Judith Grenier-Vallières, International Business Coordinator, SOPREMA China

On May 10, SOPREMA Australia launched the Asia Pacific Contractor Training and Accreditation Program.

The SOPREMA Australia range of products is unique to the region; the classes and program needed to be customized. Our very own Jakub Jerzyniak, SOPREMA Australia’s Field Technician and Trainer, liaised with our North American counterparts to get the best information available to create the local program covering both theory and practical hands-on skills, all with a strong underlying theme of safety. With the help of our local distribution partner, Bayset, the comprehensive three-class course was offered across three states for its launch in the region.

The curriculum begins with the basics: which endof the torch to hold, what SBS is, and how to spellS-O-P-R-E-M-A. The subject matter quickly progresses to more complicated topics such as below water-table waterproofing systems, complete roofing details, and ALSAN RS PMMA.

Breaking the subjects down and spreading the accreditation information, a 3-day-long undertaking, over three months allowed us to teach the basics and explain how to create the rudimentary building blocks of the advanced SOPREMA systems.

Contractors who complete the course and pass the practical exam with 80% or higher walk away with a certificate of completion, personalised accreditation card, t-shirt, and valuable transferrable industry knowledge.

We are proud to say that thirty contractors completed the first course. We look forward to constantly building up the content to ensure a successful and sustainable program across the Asia-Pacific region.