Hilltop Residence

Date: June 2020

Project: Hilltop Residence

Applicator: Dryspace Solutions

Application: Waterproofing


Remedial Work on a Private Home

Dryspace Solutions designed a waterproofing system based on the principles of BS8102:2009 British Code of Practice for the Waterproofing of Below Ground Structures and included consultation with a structural engineer and concrete scan.

A ‘Type C’ waterproofing design provided the perfect solution, utilising the John Newton Cavity Drain System, including Newton BaseDrain drainage conduits, a ‘Newton Titan Pro’ sump and a pump system with a High Water Alarm system.

The walls were lined with ‘Newton 503’ Cavity Drain Membrane, fastened with ‘Newton Multiplugs’ set out ready for direct installation of plaster sheet walls. As you can see in the
photo above, the system is containing the condensation and moisture vapour behind the membrane that would otherwise be contaminating the internal spaces, and damaging any internal linings. The photo above shows the amount of moisture captured in just two weeks after installation!

Moisture is now successfully excluded from the internal spaces, with the owners amazed at being able to ‘see’ the waterproofing working. A future upgrade to include a battery backup and monitoring system is planned to ensure continual operation even during power outages.

Future works include lining and finishing of the walls to create a dry, habitable storage room and media room – another great result by the Dryspace team!