Pymble Ladies College

Avon Road
pymble nsw, 2073

Date: November 2017

Project: Restoration

Applicator: Betta Lay Floors

Application: Flooring


Restoration of a Treasured Sports Court

To restore the sports court to Olympic standards, it is imperative to address issues related to levels and falls. Achieving this goal involves a comprehensive process that includes several key steps. Firstly, high spots on the court should be skillfully ground down, ensuring a consistent playing surface. Meanwhile, all low spots should be filled with a mixture of Aftek Epilox Epoxy Binder and Epilox Fillers, creating a trowelable mortar that guarantees uniformity.

Moreover, the installation of expansion joints within the mortar is crucial to accommodate any potential structural movement. To ensure durability and flexibility in these joints, the use of Proflex 50FC

is recommended. This meticulous approach will
not only restore the court but also enhance its performance and longevity, aligning it with Olympic-level standards.


Products used

  • Aftek Epilox Epoxy Binder 
  • Epilox Fillers
  • Proflex 50FC