foxy’s bakery

37 Maryland street
Stanthorpe QLD, 3480

Date: October 2016

Project: Epoxy Flooring

Applicator: Epo Floors

Application: Flooring

Foxy's Bakery

Upholding the Standards of a QLD Health Inspection

Due to a QLD Health inspection, Foxy’s Bakery was given 30 days for the Epoxy Floor to be repaired or replaced as bare concrete was a health hazard.

Dan from Epo Floors provided Foxy’s with an option of using Hychem Hycrete PU-SL as it would
be robust for the movement of steel wheeled equipment, constant hammering by polyurethane wheeled trolleys, provide slip resistance and stop the degradation of the concrete floor due to yeast entering the concrete slab.


Products used

  • Hychem Hycrete PU-SL