Union Place Ipswich central

Ipswich QLD, 4305

Date: October 2017

Project: Union Place Ipswich Central

Builder: Hutchinson Builders

Contractor: The Superseal Group

Application: Concrete Slab Waterproofing

Union Place Ipswich Central

Located in the Central Most Part of Ipswich

In October 2017, the Union Place project in Ipswich Central, Queensland, called for a meticulous concrete slab waterproofing solution beneath a bitumen road. Hutchinson Builders took charge of this essential construction undertaking, while the specialized contractor, The Superseal Group, was entrusted with the crucial task of applying the waterproofing system.

For the waterproofing of the concrete slab, Soprema Sopralene Flam 180, an SBS-modified bitumen sheet membrane, was selected as the base sheet. This choice was based on its proven durability and performance in demanding applications.

Soprema Antirock, a membrane specifically designed for civil engineering structures, was employed as
the cap sheet. This membrane offers advanced waterproofing capabilities, which are essential for maintaining the integrity of the concrete slab under the bitumen road.

Union Place Ipswich Central

Products used

  • Soprema Sopralene Flam 180
  • Soprema Antirock