TOP-LEVEL Ipswich Health Plaza car park

15 bell street
Ipswich qld, 4305

Date: November 2015

Project: Top Level Ipswich Health Plaza Car Park

Builder: Waterproofing Works

Application: Trafficable Membrane System


Remedial Work on a Public Car Park

Ipswich Health Plaza is a community health centre

located on Bell St in central Ipswich.

The rooftop parking deck accommodates approximately 200 car spaces. The area underwent remedial work in early January 2016 due to water ingress into the lower parking deck areas.

The existing coating which had failed over the years was replaced with a trafficable membrane system from Soprema.


Products used

  • Bostik N49 Primer
  • Bostik Seal N Flex FC
  • SOPREMA Alsan Trafik HP 510
  • SOPREMA Alsan Trafik HP
  • 520 SOPREMA Alsan Trafik HP
  • 530 SOPREMA Alsan Trafik HP
  • 540 Globalcote Primecote Sealer Primer
  • Globalcote Elastacote Mid Lustre