alexandra headlands water tower

alexandra headlands
qld 4572

Date: March 2018

Project: Remedial

Builder: Unity Water

Applicator: Simon Groth Accurate Waterproofing

Application: Concrete Repair


Repairing an Old Degraded Membrane

The client had an old degraded membrane on the water tanks that had failed. A trafficable polyurethane membrane system from SOPREMA was put forward and approved by the client.

The existing membrane was removed by mechanical means back to clean concrete. Cracks in the concrete were cleaned out and filled with a flexible fast-cure polyurethane sealant.

The SOPREMA Alsan Trafik System was then installed using a 5-coat application. The result of this was a seamless, UV-stable, flexible, tough waterproof membrane system that the client was pleased with.


Products used

  • SOPREMA Alsan Trafik HP 510
  • SOPREMA Alsan Trafik HP 520
  • SOPREMA Alsan Trafik HP 530
  • SOPREMA Alsan Trafik HP 540