State Heritage Listed Historic Building

84 FITZROY street
Warwick qld, 4370

Date: March 2016

Project: Restoration

Applicator: Wetlock Waterproofing

Application: Waterproofing


Restoring a Historic Building to its Former Glory

Plumb’s Chambers is a historic building registered as a ‘Place of Cultural Significance’, located in Warwick, Queensland. The building dates to 1874-75 and was structurally compromised with substantial rising damp issues.

Built of timber, brick and sandstone, the building was structurally degraded by compromised footings and subsequent movement, termite-damaged structural woodwork, and substantial rising damp issues. With the $1million+ restoration works to be undertaken by the McConaghy Group with guidance from Andrew

Watson of Watson Architects, an internationally trained and experienced building conservation architect; the restoration scope was to preserve
as much of the original building as possible, whilst making it a fully functioning office or retail space that meets 21st century standards. McConaghy Group’s principal Mr. Robert McConaghy’s direction was “I want this done right, don’t cut any corners. Do it properly.”


Products used

  • Newton System 800 Damp Proofing Products