Soprema Colphene BSW Uni NG 4mm X 1mtr X 8mtr Roll

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Soprema Colphene BSW Uni NG 4mm X 8mtr X 1mtr Roll

Soprema Colphene BSW Unilay is a waterproofing membrane composed of a select blend of high-performance flexible SBS elastomeric bitumen reinforced with a heavy duty non-woven polyester fleece. The topside is covered with specially engineered carbon dioxide crystals and the underside is covered by a thermofusible plastic film.

Thanks to its special formulation and composition BSW UNI NG has excellent, continuous and homogeneous bond to poured structural concrete, increased resistance to hydrostatic pressure and superior resistance to tears and punctures. Its unique design, including the DUO SELVEDGE technology, allows welding of side laps using a torch or a hot air gun.

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