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Waterproofing terraced house with sloping ground levels

Waterproofing terraced house with sloping ground levels

This terraced house is on a sloping ground level, and there were damp problems at the lower levels, resulting in the formation of mould and water ingress...


  • Property Type: Residential
  • Project Type: Remedial
  • Scope: Terraced property, Sloping ground level, Extensive damp problems
  • Contractor: Wetlock Waterproofing
  • Area m2: 300
  • Category: Waterproofing


Products Used

  • Newton System 500
  • Newton Basedrain


Project Details

This home is built on a sloping block which starts at ground level at the front and declines down to the lower level at the rear, with the downstairs of the house converted into an office. The lower level of the property experienced extensive damp problems, with the internal walls becoming very wet when it rained, sometimes causing puddles to form. Damp mould was evident on the walls and furniture, and termites caused extensive damage. Newton System 500 cavity drain waterproofing was specified and supplied by Bayset because excavation was not possible with the upper level slab on-ground, and an internal negative-side coating not being able to address the condensation and mould issues. Newton System 500 addressed all concerns, and the owner was confident he would have trouble-free service from the system for years to come



Bayset supplied the products to Wetlock Waterproofing to complete the installation of Newton System 500, and the owner completed all other refurbishment works. Wetlock installed rebate channels for the Newton Basedrain, which could manage and remove any ingressing water, as well as detailing the wall penetrations for the Basedrain relief point for connection to existing stormwater plumbing services. Wetlock also applied Newton System 500 membranes to the walls.


Result & Testimonial

A short time after the works were completed the Gold Coast was subject to extreme wet weather with extensive flooding, and the owner called to say he could actually hear the water flowing down the walls behind the Newton membrane and out through the Newton Basedrain - all with not a drop of moisture entering the internal space! He was very impressed with the performance and happy with the decision to select the Newton system.