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Aveo Northwest Retirement Village, Bella Vista, NSW

Aveo Northwest Retirement Village, Bella Vista, NSW

Water tight podiums and balconies



Property Type: residential retirement village
Scope: 1st stage of 5 stage build completed May 2018
Applicator: Titan Waterproofing
Builder: Strongbuild
Area m2:  10,000M podium 2000M of balconies    
Category: Waterproofing

Products Used

- Soprema Antirock Prime

- Elastocol 500 Primer

- Soprema Alsan Flashing

- Sopamastik

- Soprema Soprasun 3.0

- Soprema Sopralene Flam 180

- Soprema Sopralene Flam GR

- WPA 460 Primer

WPA 235 Membrane

Project Details

Part one of a five stage project for a large retirement village.
Waterproof podiums and driveway ramps with a double layer  of Torch On and waterproof balconies with a single layer of Torch On under the screed and liquid membrane over the screed.


- Prepare Substrate

Apply Antirock Primer

- Install 2 layers of torch applied Soprasun 3 membrane to podium deck


- Prepare Substrate

- Apply Elastocol 500 Primer

- Torch apply Sopralene Flam 180 on decks and Sopralene GR on door thresholds and screed

- Apply WPA 460 Primer

- Apply two coats of WPA 235 Membrane