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Waterproofing Existing Tiles




  • Tiles must be firm, clean, dry, sound and smooth. All grease, oil, wax, loose material, paint and any other contaminants must be removed. Fill any defects or holes in grout.


  • Installation shall be in accordance with AS4654.2-2012 Waterproofing membrane systems for exterior use - Above ground level - Design and installation

  • Prime tiles, PVC and/or metal substrates using WPA 160. WPA 160 is a specialised solvent free primer designed for enhancing the adhesion of subsequent membranes, adhesives, toppings and decorative finishes over porous or non-porous substrates.

  • Install 12 mm fillet/bond breaker to internal corners using Admil SupaSeal PU. If skirting tiles are present, install a fillet to the top of the skirting tiles to ensure a smooth transition of the membrane. Admil SupaSeal PU is a Low Modulus, Hybrid Polyurethane, flexible joint sealant and adhesive that is free of Isocyanates and other hazardous raw materials and omits low odour.

  • Apply a coat of WPA 880 Tanking. WPA 880 Tanking is a chemically modified waterborne flexible waterproof membrane designed for use in demanding external waterproofing applications.

  • Apply two coats of Synpave Sports & Rec, ensuring that the first coat has completely dried before applying second coat. SYNPAVE SPORTS & REC is a pre mixed, pre coloured water based, slip resistant UV stable coating with excellent performance against wear and weathering, therefore providing a rejuvenated fresh and safe surface coating that is suitable for internal and external use.

  • Apply two coats of Protek Clear acrylic Sealer, ensuring that the first coat has completely dried before applying second coat. Protek Clear Acrylic Sealer is an external UV stable non yellowing clear coating which is recommended to extend the life expectancy of Synpave Sports & Rec coating.