WPA Elastoband

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WPA Elastoband

WPA Elastoband is an innovative detailing system designed for waterproofing and sealing all types of joints, junctions and general areas subject to movement. Featuring the central “Flexible Zone” WPA Elastoband can accommodate movement in longitudinal, lateral and transverse directions enabling high elongation, rupture resistance, and up to 100% elastic recovery. WPA Elastoband is easy to install and provides for considerable time saving efficiencies and durable properties over conventional bond breaking sealants and tapes.

  • Time saving simplified installation
  • Eliminates need for sealant bond breakers and tapes
  • Long term protection at critical joint intersections and movement zones
  • Accommodates movement in longitudinal and lateral directions with up to 100% elastic recovery
  • Constructed of a unique high strength rubber compound that is rupture, chemical and water resistant
  • Can be used in areas subject to full immersion
  • Compatible with all WPA membranes
  • Suitable for commercial, industrial and residential applications

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