SealBoss SDS Drill Bit

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SealBoss SDS Drill Bit

A low viscosity two component hydrophobic resin based on a MDI (methylenediphenyl-isocyanate) polyurethane. The product is 100% solvent free and 100% solids, the gel-time of the product can be adjusted by adding a certain percentage of 1400 Catalyst. This high grade and constant volume polyurethane resin is an universal injection resin designed for application in damp and dry cracks.

Unlike water activated materials 1403 LV Resin does not need any external moisture for the reaction. 1403 LV-Resin has an ultra low viscosity of 70 cps resulting in excellent penetration into the finest hairline cracks. Another advantage of this very flexible material is the adhesive strength to concrete which is typically higher than the tensile strength of the product when injected into the structure. The combination of great adhesion and flexibility of the material minimizes the risk of developing new cracks in the concrete.

The cured resin is inert to wet and dry cycles, it does not shrink or swell. Range of application includes sealing concrete cracks and joints, brick construction, waste water tanks, sewers, manholes, utility boxes, tunnels and dams.

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