Hychem TL2 Flash

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    Hychem TL2 Flash

    Hychem TL2 Flash is a specialist, solventless epoxy binder that combines a very fast cure time with very high impact and fat resistance. The product serves a multipurpose function, it may be combined with aggregate to produce a topping or it may be used as a sealer for existing surfaces.

    Hychem TL2 Flash can also be used in conjunction with Hycrete Polyurethane Cement Toppings as a sealer for the broadcast surface. This improves the fat and solvent resistance of the polyurethane, whilst maintaining its good impact and hot water resistance.

    Hychem TL2 Flash is designed for use where a fast cure, short down time resin system is required that will withstand hot fats. It is a companion product to Hychem E300SLF, yet with a faster curing system and improved surface blush in adverse cold, damp environments.

    • High resistance to hot vegetable and animal fats
    • High resistance to petroleum oils and solvents
    • Abrasion and impact resistant
    • Hard wearing and durable.
    • High compressive strength
    • Low odour, will not taint food
    • Non flammable, no fire hazard
    • Fast curing, short down times
    • Can be applied as a topping and as a coating

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