Hychem SF20 Heavy Duty Epoxy Coating Kit

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Hychem SF20 Heavy Duty Epoxy Coating Kit

Hychem SF 20 is a solvent-less, chemical resistant, two components epoxy coating with high solvent resistance and good colour stability.

HYCHEM SF 20 is the preferred product of choice for floor and wall coatings in the architectural and pharmaceutical industries where aesthetic qualities are of high importance. It is not recommended for applications where exposure to acetic and lactic acid is commonplace.

  • Non yellowing and suitable for pastel finishes
  • Chemical resistant to petroleum oils, solvents, acids and alkalies,hot fats
  • Durable – 100% solids provides a 500 micron DFT (two coat application)
  • Wear resistant – hard wearing even in harsh and punishing environment
  • Slip resistance – meets AS/NZ 4568 R10, will meet R11 to R13 with quartz aggregates
  • Solvent-less – non-flammable
  • Odourless – can be used in retail situations without disturbing neighbouring businesses
  • Aesthetic flexibility – available in a variety of colours
  • High gloss finish – aesthetically pleasing, easy to maintain
  • Wide colour range – available in many colours (colour matching on request)

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